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What is the Certificate in Fashion Design and Production Program About?

The Fashion Design Certificate Program is designed to provide a course of study that prepares students for entry-level employment as a professional and competent in the field of the fashion apparel industry, as a worker in the design room or equivalent. Individuals with this certificate are able to design, build an apparel line, illustrate garments by hand and on the computer, alter patterns, and create patterns manually as well as on the computer. This course of study brings the student deeper into the fashion field.  A grade of C” is the least required in each course taken. This certificate requires a duration of 1 year (Two (2) Semesters of Six(6) semesters each) and a total Credit Wattage of 30 Units.

What are the benefits of  Our Certificate Program?

At CDM School of Design, our certificate in fashion design and production program is considered as a diploma-level course that covers all the elements of fashion including the origination of an idea to the production of an original prototype. Our certificate courses under this program aims at polishing the designing and conceptualizing skills of our students. We furthermore equip our students with the technical proficiency and creativity needed to face the global market trends as far as fashion is concerned.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our certificate programs vary based on  factors such as: The subject(s) of study, the duration of the program and the geographical status of  a student(Ghanaian /Foreign) will all factor into the overall cost. Kindly check the Admission Page https://cdmschoolofdesign.edu.gh/download-application-form/of this website for a thorough breakdown of fees applicable for each program of study OR click this link to download the fee structure https://cdmschoolofdesign.edu.gh/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/APPROVED-FEE-STRUCTURE-2022-CDMSD.pdf

How to apply for an Advance Certificate?

Search for your choice of program in the CDMSD program outline labelled COURSES on the website (https://cdmschoolofdesign.edu.gh/apply-online/) Read through thoroughly, Go to the Admissions page , Read the instructions given  and Download the admissions forms, Contact the Admissions Office of the school upon completion of the forms.




Applicants who are wanting to immerse themselves into the world of fashion – Also, for those that want to build their understanding of design, gaining technical and practical knowledge, as well as delving into themselves as a designer. NB. Applicant must posses at least WASSCE/SSSCE certificate or any recognized second cycle institutional certificate. Foreign students must also posses a High School certificate and transcript.





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